From the indoor family adventure pool, the calmness of the bath is within reach. The sauna garden offers a variety of temperature-controlled Finnish, infra-, lavender- and steam cabins, a plunge pool and a Mediterranean-style indoor and outdoor relaxation room ensuring the relaxation of our guests, and also a 6-person Jacuzzi can be foud in the outdoor area. For lovers of saunas we have special sauna sessions.

Sauna sessions

Sauna session is a special ceremony when the saunamaster pours a delicious essential oil or other additive aqueous solution on the sauna rocks and removes the isolation layer surrounding the person’s body with a special fanning technique. At the same time, the session provides entertainment and relaxation, physical and spiritual recreation for everyone in the sauna. We would like to inform our guests that sauna sessions can be requested at an extra price on weekends and holidays during the summer season (see price list).