Geothermal heating

In the city of Gárdony, in order to take advantage of the natural resources (thermal water) and as a result of its efforts to use renewable energy, from an EU tender won in 2010 has developed a geothermal heating and hot water network that provides cheaper heating energy for its consumers. From October 2019, the system will be operated by the Spa and Thermal Bath of Agárd Zrt.


Our Consumers:

Agárd Thermal Bath and Spa

Chernel István Elementary and Secondary School

Aranybárka Otthon

Elementary school of Gárdony

Residential Block Otthon

Residential Block Napsugár OTP

Residential Block Remény

Residential Block OTP

Mayor’s Office

Wellness Resident’s Community

Wellness Residential Park II.



Customer relations, Central contact:

Phone: +36 22 579 220



Problem reporting, technical availability:

Phone: +36 20 617 6233