Price list

(Valid from 21 May 2021 until revoked)

Bath tickets

All-day ticket for adults:4.100 Ft
All-day ticket for pensioners:2.900 Ft
All-day ticket for children (3-18 years):2.900 Ft
All-day ticket for students (over 18 years):3.200 Ft
All-day ticket for baby (0-3 years):200 Ft
All-day ticket for families (2 adults + 1 child: 3-18 years):9.400 Ft
Family supplementary ticket (more than 1 child / child):2.700 Ft
Ticket with access to sauna:5.300 Ft

Other services (with valid ticket)

Sauna2.500 Ft
Sauna session (every day)from September
Rent of bath sheet:1.500 Ft
Deposit fee for bath sheet:2.000 Ft
Surcharge: (in case of lost locker key)2.000 Ft
Safety deposit:400 Ft
Sun lounger: (outdoor, in the summer season)500 Ft
Sunbox rental: (outdoor, in the summer season)6.000 Ft /day


Season Tickets (valid: every day)

10 + 1-time all-day ticket for adults:41.000 Ft
10 + 1-time all-day ticket for pensioners/children:29.000 Ft
10 + 1-time all-day ticket for students:32.000 Ft
10 + 1-time all-day ticket + sauna ticket:53.000 Ft
(Season tickets are valid for 3 months from purchase!)

Medical treatments without National Health Insurance funding

Treatment1 occasion
Mud treatment:2.300 Ft
Weight bath:2.300 Ft
Carbonated bath:2.300 Ft
Medical therapeutic massage:2.300 Ft
Tangentor: (underwater jet massage)2.300 Ft
Underwater group gymnastics:1.600 Ft


Medical treatments with National Health Insurance funding

Treatment 1 occasion
Bath (01) (without other treatments):2.000 Ft
Bath (01) (with other treatments):1.000 Ft
Mud packs(03):800 Ft
Weight bath (04):700 Ft
Carbonated bath (05):800 Ft
Medical therapeutic massage (06):1.000 Ft
Tangentor (underwater jet massage) (07):1.000 Ft
Underwater group gymnastics (08):700 Ft


Massage sheet:450 Ft
Sludge sheet:450 Ft
Sauna sheet:450 Ft

Use of a massage or sludge sheet is required for the treatment of medicinal massage and sludge treatments!


Non-guarded car parking fee:

The first 20 minutes of parking is free of charge.

Parking fee for the first 3 hour 300 HUF after that, every hour begun +100 HUF.

Maximum parking fee 500 HUF.

Additionail fee: (in case of lost parking card) 500 HUF

The parking fee applies to the use of the parking space, irrespective of the destination of the claimant (independent of the use of bath services).

The SPA reserves the right to change prices!


Priority dates and holidays


22.05.2021 – 24.05.2021Whitsun
12.06.2021 – 29.08.2021Summer peak season
23.10.2021 – 01.11.2021October long weekend and autumn break
23.12.2021 – 02.01.2021Winter holidays and New Year eve
The spa reserves the right to make changes!


With regard to the third stage of the phasing out of protection measures, Decree No. 194/2021 amending Government Decrees regulating protection measures applicable in times of emergency (IV. 26.) of the Government, the Agárd Thermal Bath and Spa can only be visited by persons protected against coronavirus (holders of vaccination certificates) and the persons under the age of eighteen under the supervision of that person!

The daily bath entrance ticket is for one entry!

We offer 15% discount on the price of the bath tickets for groups over 20 people.

The bath accepts OTP, K&H and MKB SZÉP Cards!

Ask questions about health fund cards at the Bath’s cashiers!

The age of the childrens is validated with a valid social card.

The pensioner’s or student’s tickets and season tickets can be purchased with the presentation of a valid pensioner or student card (student: over 18 years).

The above therapies can only be provided for our customers on a pre-registration basis with the purchase of a bath ticket, on weekdays from 8.00am to 16.20pm.